Consultancy for the evaluation of necessary technical equipments for the optimal functioning of applications

· Our experts will recommend you the most efficient solutions, by optimizing the already existing resources in the company, in order to fully benefit of the purchased software products.

· Needs assessment and architecture design

· Prior to the beginning of any project, our team undergoes an in-depth analysis of the organization’s current needs, anticipates potential ones, so that in the next stage to create the architecture for the implementation.

· Users’ training in order to fully benefit of the implemented applications’ functionalities

· Depending on the necessity as well as in accordance with the complexity of the developed and implemented solutions, our teams offers assistance and training classes for the users on the basis of the user’s guide designed in this regard.

· Technical support and maintenance

· As part of the developed and implemented projects, our specialists can provide the necessary technical support and maintenance for correspondingly refining the purchased software/ hardware products and for you to have a round and complete experience with their functionalities.