About Us


We are a local, independent IT&C company and dynamism, our analysis and learning skills of the newest technologies, together with the passion we invest in everything we do have helped us throughout 10 years of activity to build and develop solid, trustworthy and transparent relationships with our clients.

Issues? We find solutions and opportunities that we translate into customized software products to best answer the current business needs in a rapidly changing and evolving society, where „the momentum” is essential.

Small size, punctual or extended? No matter the complexity, each of the project we develop and implement stands for our team’s advanced expertise, care for details and proactivity. Although the present key word is „now”, we consider that one anticipated steps can bring added value to the products and solutions we offer.

Expertise and consultancy

Our team offers complete consultancy services in order to help companies and organizations identify and clarify their needs, as well as during the implementation of the optimal solutions we develop. Our focus is aimed at the optimization of internal and external processes, starting from the design of the best IT strategy.

Bestware professionals provide IT solutions configuration and design at the same time with a high level of information security:

· defining functional and non-functional requests

· technical requests definition

· architecture design and implementation

· IT systems and data bases development

· IT systems implementation and customization

· training and user guide design for end users

Education and life-long learning

The success of any endeavor is defined by the success-oriented attitude and by innovation. From our point of view, the success formula is made up of the team members’ extraordinary performance, motivation and their life-long learning. We appreciate diversity and the professional development plan of each one of us. Therefore, we facilitate the teams’ participation in internal and external training sessions, planned closely with their leaders, in order to perfect current skills and develop new capabilities.


Adriana Vladescu

Adriana Vladescu

General Manager - Bestware Consulting

„We are aware of the fact that by everything we do, we influence and we contribute to our partners' evolution, as well as to the growth of today's information society. It is a mission that we take openly and with honor, as technology is already part of everyone's life. During the 10 years, we have gathered that technology innovation is a key component of successful partnerships and we have built trustworthy and long-term relationships with the clients who have given us their trust.”