Licenses & hardware

· As HCL Premier Business Partner, Bestware Consulting is authorized to sell on Romania’s territory HCL licenses, as well as hardware.

· Bestware Consulting experts can provide you consultancy in order to identify the application that best fits your organization and your team, following to customize it in accordance with your requests

· HCL Software Licenses :

· HCL Collaboration Solutions Messaging and Collaboration Product Group

· HCL Collaboration Solutions Portal Product Group

· Microsoft Licenses:

· The Office 365 suite of services has been especially designed in order to facilitate communication between teams and networks. The team members can be connected in real time thanks to the Skype application that allows calling, conferences initiation, video and document sharing.

· Office 365 will offer you more control on data security and conformity, as it offers users incorporated confidentiality.

· The reporting and monitoring tools offer you the possibility to supervise and action in real time on the analyzed data.

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